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Re: US Supreme Court Case concerning Agencies

NEWSWIRE, DAILY MAIL @ avoiceforchildren.com  
Saturday, November 22, 2003 5:47 PM
We have a new link on our website called "Daily Mail".  On this we post the articles that go out to our list.  We also post correspondences to people going into court and in need of help that are not posted to the bigger list.  Alot of those letters contain process information detailed for people who need to know how to proceed in their cases.  On our website we have alot of information about Sui Juris, and on the Daily Mail is alot of the information contained in the book on the site.  We hope people who need help will read through these articles as it is hard to write it over and over. 
We are contacted by new people from all over the world every day, all abused in the same corporate machine, inhuman, rendered, shredded, liquidated, stripped of even their children and their humanity, their dignity, even their estates after they are dead.  Mercilessly destroyed and no remedy.
In the Republics, we make our lawful claims and our public servants are by oath bonded to uphold our Inherent Rights in a constitutional process.  We are GUARANTEED UN A LIEN ABLE these rights.
We are all learning to go into the court and use the process in place, but without attorneys. We have learned the difference between a "represented" status and the "real human" making real claims over real property and injuries.   We as humans ARE the lawful jurisdiction of living, breathing people with Inherent Rights, without disability, excercising our Authority over bonded public servants.  We are all learning to say NO to those who would strip our humanity, enslave us in an unconstitutional process, with legal rights" in "quasi judicial administrative process". 
Sui Juris is the process made accessible for PEOPLE in any country to go into their public assembly (court) and make their truthful records of abuse.
Please go to www.avoiceforchildren.com and read the latest articles, information for yourself and loved ones to stand against an ever increasing abuse of the People in a corporate government takeover of
our constitutional authority.  Please send on, share, download and distribute anything from our site or from our mailing list to everyone you can.
On the Daily Mail link are the articles we post to our site as well as letters to people who write and need help going to court, dealing with agencies, being abused and exploited by BAR agents, stripped of their children, land, homes, jobs, businesses, estates - our very lives are on the line becuse the "courts" are not operating in a constitutional judicial due process at this time. 
In other words there is no standard of law in the courts, only an arbitrary, biased facade in the interest of the corporations, the government being part of the huge corporation, who are moving revenue among themselves with the people as slaves under a tyrant master who in court proceeds under the premise that he owns everything, including your children, homes, everything, your very life. 
Having learned this over the last few years in Oregon, the People have learned to see the process being used to silence our Complaints, to block our lawful remedy in OUR courts.  The People have proven now that the courts are  not acting in the Public Trust, and are in fact acting in Bad Faith against the Sovereign State of Oregon, wherein the People are the Inherent Authority to "alter, abolish and amend" as necessary for our protection and posterity.
It is our RIGHT, OBLIGATION, DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to ACT at this time in any way you can to help others learn the core issues we face.  DO NOT be distracted by the total spin on the nightly news - the contrived sound bites that are misleading the people about the corporate takeover and how to defend against it if they cant see it....
The information on our website and on the NEWSWIRE and DAILY MAIL links are to help people right now who are dealing with exploitation and abuse, and if you are not YET you need to learn so as to be prepared how to deal with state abusers when your day comes.... it will and soon.....
All it takes is an ASSESSMENT - often the people who contact us WENT TO THE STATE in the first place for help of some kind.... sign up for a program, volunteer for parenting classes, fill out paperwork for housing, go to the doctor, buy some property, try to get a permit for something.... anything and nothing at all - have a baby !  That is the most dangerous one of all because now it is DECIDED at the hospital IF you take your baby home with you or not according to a long assessement list that the state agent posing as a volunteer or nurse uses to assess you, your baby, your extended family, their databases.....  this is happening NOW...
We say all the time - LEARN all you can - dont do ANYTHING because some one tells you to follow this plan or use these forms or pay this money..... even what we say , do not do anything because we say to .... LEARN everything you can, and having learned you go into court with the knowledge you posess and can defend when the judge shreds you in the courtroom, because that is what they are.
YOU learn all you can and then YOU make the best choices you are able to and live with that....  It is a SYSTEMIC BEAST that this rendering machine shreds the people in, strips us of everything we have including our dignity and our souls if the lies can be used to compromise the truth... people every day "plea" to "crimes" they never committed and there is no evidence whatsoever. 
They are terrified by a corrupt district attorney who is threatening them with jail as opposed to no jail if they "agree"..... and this is called " in the interest of the court to avoid a trial" and fills the jails, the other side of the independent new SUSTAINABLE STATE GOALS to fill the jails.  The state calls a "successful program" one that pays for itself and makes money for the state - having nothing to do with people oriented goals. 

So NOW WE SEE IT, NOW WE STOP IT.... but the VOICE of the People has to be heard in the proper forum in order to turn around a corrupted regime.  That is what all the information on our website is relevant to.  What is on our site is a portion of what is in the court records, and every article is critical to a full view of how the takeover happened from the perspective of Oregon government over the years. 
LEARN and SHARE with everyone you can. 
Sui Juris - Inherent Rights without disability, full disclosure, truth in contracting, truth in the court, credible evidence, equal prosecution of all crime, no exceptions, adherence to the Bill of Rights set forth as Constitutional Judicial Due Process.  We have to learn what these things mean and insist on our Rights being protected by lawful public servants.
The ones who are operating in treason right now must be prosecuted.  These are not civil matters that our outlaw occupiers of our offices are committing... these are criminal acts, including conversion and extreme abuse of children and adults.  HENIOUS crimes are going on RIGHT NOW.  The vipers at the top are moving as never before RIGHT NOW in their conversion and spin as the people are waking up to the idea of extreme betrayal and systemic, generational violation of the Public Trust. 
RIGHT NOW the theives are running out of the store and knocking over the shelves, leaving a trail and not even caring, as the BRIGHT LIGHT IS ON THEM and we are WATCHING.
Everything on our site is relevant to these core issues.
Please also remember to help with this work, we do not get paid for anything we do.  Whether you personally speak out or not, give assistance to anyone you know who is acting against this present evil.
pamela and will gaston
-----Original Message-----
From: Bobbie Huston <havitmyway2000@yahoo.com>
To: Pam Gaston <avoice@mtangel.net>
Date: Saturday, November 22, 2003 3:13 PM
Subject: US Supreme Court Case concerning Agencies

The Supreme Court stated a principal quite clearly a year ago in Christensen V.Harris County,529 U.S.576 (2000) where the court stated that "Interpretations such as those in opinion letters-like interpretations contained in policy statements,agency manuals,and enforcement guidelines,all of which lack the force of law-do not warrant chevron-style deference"Christensen,529 U.S.at 587 (emphasis added).The manual was created to guide forest service personnel,not to govern private citizens in the exercise of their rights.See W.Radio Serv Co. v. Espy,79 F.3d 896,901 (9th Cir.1996) ("Manual and Handbook do not have the independant force and effect of law.") Such agency pronouncements on the statutes are merely "entitled to respect"     What do you think this is saying? I am seeing the word "Agencies",meaning all agencies.
This is the kind of thing, like the Federal Code, that is so frustrating, that people see this and  think there is any kind of law in place.... this is all facade.... appearance of law..... color of law.....  there is no court at this time that is operating outside of the Justice 2020 process .... "quasi judicial administrative process".
If you note in the Oregon Revised Statutes all through it it says "not part of the criminal code and not enforceable".... yet they do, in an administrative process they say WE volunteer to participate in.....  they use "IMPLIED CONSTENT" in stead of any lawful contract - totally FRAUD.  This is how they are disingenious in the courtroom...  Another ploy like the "rules" you mention, is they will refuse to put an attorney under oath.  He will lie and perjure himself and bring forgeries into the court, on and on... and when you really pin down the judge on the actions going on he will say "IT WAS NOT PERJURY BECAUSE THE ATTORNEY WAS NOT UNDER OATH AT THE TIME'..... it is SUCH A JOKE - and t the TRUTH is they KNOW that everything that is spoken on the record is RELEVANT and if not disputed becomes legal facts..... THEY know it.... WE have to know  it to use the Record properly to defend ourselves.
It is more attorney rhetoric..... all of it is meaningless Bobbie... they write crap to use at their whim in the court depending on who they want to protect and who they want to destroy.  It would be used as "binding" against you, for example, but it would be said to be "non binding'" should you bring it up to use against them.... identical to how they use and misrepresent ALL the statute "rule of law"....
Translation - LIES to create an appearance of a court so they can talk at all and not be blatant and say "we make rules to protect ourselves but you are going to jail for being a violator".....
Remember in EVERYTHING you see that it is the SAME - there is ONE pattern that runs through the process and you see it everywhere you turn... it is the Diliactic Praxis they are all taught, the socialist thinking by concensus instead of law and a total double standard.
We had an article on our old website I will try one day to find and post again... it was a judge who admitted the fraud in the courtroom - he  said how it did not matter what the attorneys said, that he would get together with them before the hearings or trial and it would not matter if there was a song in the papers, he took the ones he wanted and used that to decide however he was going to anyway....
We saw this early on when they would not write substantive answers to our paperwork in the courts.  We would write FACTS.  The state would not dispute.  They would write things like "Gaston's are wrong"... a new pleading, not innocent or guilty but "wrong".....  INSANE....
That same judge we have made a commercial about and will have it up in the next few days... he told us "facts are not an issue" so there you go....  he found us "wrong" to say a confessed pornographer was a "monster, a pedophile and a  pornographer" publicly... this is the battle we are stilil in and she is still not prosecuted just like Melissa is still not released....
Anyway,  later on we found out that the attorneys bill mostly for telephone calls and Westlaw computer time... all they do is go to a computer, put in the names they need and it spits out some horsecrap that they bring in to the court.... until recently and people learning Sui Juris very few ever saw their paperwork or discovery.  Among the families we know of NO ONE had their discovery, most still dont !  But we got ours, won our RICO Complaint in l998 and so we HAVE the evidence, and a seven year UNDISPUTED court record of these facts now.  THAT STANDS.  That is why we all have to make the record.....
Otherwise they get away with it !  It is that simple.  And they have been getting away with it for a LONG time.....
So remember the patterns and you see it everywhere.....  they are not real smart at all like they appear.... I would not hire any legislator or judge i now of as an employee.... they are corrupted and stupid types who are easily manipulated, and that is what they do...... whatever they are told for a paycheck.....
pamela gaston

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