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Personal Message from the Director:

Dear Friends,

We are living in uncertain times, people need the basic truth. The information found in these pages will help the reader make more informed decisions about their future, their family's future and the future of this nation.  There is no obligation and the information is Free.  We ask only that you share this information with your loved ones, do not let another person suffer needlessly with disease.

The internet is a great way to reach the masses, however, we have found that the work starts within our own circle of friends, families and communities. Ask yourself, do I know anyone suffering with Cancer, Diabetes or Heart Disease. Then ask, if this information is true, would I not want to share it with them?

It may be that money, power and greed have come before human life.   Could this happen in the Free World?.  
You be the judge.   Businesses and corporations have the right to profit from their industries.   That is part of our freedoms in this country. It is disheartening however that some of the giants profit so greatly from the suffering of others.

We are not doctors and do not diagnos, prescribe or treat.   We are a group of concerned people, survivors, that have had the priviledge of obtaining documented proof and understand that the American people have been used in the testing and practice of medicines. These facts and scientific proof will prevent needless pain and suffering, it certainly has for us.

We provide information so anyone can make logical decisions as to what will most benefit their family, friends, communities and nation. An Advanced Health Plan that is free to all. A national health plan that begins with education based on facts and truth. We took the time, did our due diligence and are now free of our disease. We want to help others learn how we did it.

With Congress once again working on a National Health Plan, it is only appropriate and fair that We the People have a right to choose a Plan for Health that is based on truth and logic, not on increasing the insurance companies' net profits on their quarterly reports or to blindly contribute to the giant pharmaceutical cartel's billions of dollars of research and advertising campaigns.

If you want the Truth and the Facts with "Access", "Affordability" and "Quality" hang around us a while. You will understand when you've taken the time to study the information we offer.

Together we WILL make a difference.

Highest Regards,

Vickie Barker - Director
Advanced Health Plan
Phone: 208-276-7080

A Very Important P.S.
We have been blessed with a gentleman that realized the importance of getting this information to others. He also realized there are many groups and organizations that need to create the funds to continue their work in educating the people about their freedoms and rights and more importantly, the loss of those freedoms and rights. He put up the financial backing, coordinated some extremely hard to obtain resources and created the means for anyone to generate good money.

Now is the time to stand up and reserve our rights, for our freedom and for our health.

For those that feel compelled to take responsibility for their health and begin their free education program so they are better armed to help family and friends, sign up for YOUR FREE Test Kit today. There is no obligation and the shipping is included.

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Advanced Health Plan = Education
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"It is the wise that seek wisdom."

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