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The Basics of Heart Disease
Scientists estimate it was at least 10,000 years ago when some genetic fluke occurred in the human body and from that time forward we no longer manufactured ascorbates internally.  There are thousands of species of animals on Earth and only four do not produce their own ascorbates.  Many definable functions of the body require ascorbates and lack of them causes many disorders.

The main disorder caused by ascorbate deficiency is the world's #1 killer - heart disease.  This lack causes tiny microscopic cracks in arteries.  The condition is termed chronic or sub-clinical scurvy.   The body has many defense mechanisms and brings one into play at this point here in the form of lipoprotein(a).  This, as a paste, it smears into the cracks to prevent the body from bleeding to death internally.  As time elapses, the cracks become more numerous and the paste or plaque thickens.   Obviously, the diameter of the arteries becomes narrower and a normally innocent little platelet clump (clot) can now cause a heart attack or stroke.  Thus, the ultimate problem was defined.

The solution seemed obvious.  First, supply the body with the missing ascorbates in a form that it can use, and then find a way to clean out the accumulated plaque.  Scientists have been successful in both cases.

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“Despite impressive advances in science and medicine, our nation continues to be plagued by unacceptably high rates of death and disability from heart disease and stroke, our nation’s first and third leading causes of death, and minority populations bear a disproportionate burden of these diseases. Our challenge is to ensure that all of our citizens benefit from the knowledge that we have gained.”
Rose Marie Robertson, MD
Heart Specialist and Chief Science Officer - American Heart Association

Revised March 2003 Heart Disease and Stroke: The Nation’s Leading Killers
Heart disease and stroke—the principal components of cardiovascular disease—are the first and third leading causes of death in the United States, accounting for nearly 40% of all deaths.

About 950,000 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each year, which amounts to one death every 33 seconds.

Many people believe that heart disease and stroke primarily affect men and older people, but they are the leading causes of death for both men and women. Although these largely preventable conditions are more common among people aged 65 years or older, the number of sudden deaths from heart disease among people aged 15–34 has increased.

Moreover, deaths are only part of the picture. About 61 million Americans (almost one-fourth of the population) live with cardiovascular disease. Coronary heart disease is a leading cause of premature, permanent disability in the U.S. workforce. Stroke alone accounts for disability among more than 1 million Americans. Almost 6 million hospitalizations each year are due to cardiovascular disease.

The economic impact of cardiovascular disease on the U.S. health care system continues to grow as the population ages. The cost of heart disease and stroke in the United States is projected to be $351 billion in 2003, including health care expenditures and lost productivity from death and disability.

Risk Factors Must Be Addressed. About 90% of middle-aged Americans will develop high blood pressure in their lifetime, and nearly 70% of people with high blood pressure do not have it under control. A key strategy for addressing these risk factors is to educate the public and health care practitioners about the importance of prevention.

FACT: According to the American Heart Association, of 880 substances tested by Harvard researchers, only one - vitamin C - converts stem cells into new heart muscle cells.

"Knowing that lysyl residues are what causes lipoprotein(a) to get stuck to the wall of the artery and form atherosclerotic plaques, any physical chemist would say at once that the thing to do is prevent that by putting the amino acid lysine in the blood to a greater extent than it is normally.

You need lysine to be alive, it is essential: You have to get about 1 gram a day to keep in protein balance, but you can take lysine, pure lysine, a perfectly non toxic substance in food, as pills, which puts extra lysine molecules in the blood. They enter into competition with the lysyl residues on the wall of arteries and accordingly count to prevent Lp(a) from being deposited, or even will work to pull it loose and destroy atherosclerotic plaques."
                                                                              [Linus Pauling, JON, Aug 1994]

Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease Leading the Way to the Abolition of this Disease as a Cause for Human Mortality
                                                                                          Matthias Rath and Linus Pauling

Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack and Stroke

After 40 years research, Irwin Stone unfolds his startling conclusion that an ancient genetic mutation has left the primate virtually alone among animals in not producing ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in his own body. By treating it as a "minimum daily requirement" instead of the missing metabolite it really is, we are living in a state of sub-clinical scurvy whose symptoms have been attributed to other ailments. The answer is to change our thinking about Vitamin C and consume enough to replenish this long lost "healing factor." Stone illustrates, with massive documentation, Vitamin C's remarkable ability to fight disease, counteract the ill effects of pollution and prolong healthy life -- easily and inexpensively!

On-Line Excerpts from Irwin Stone's Book
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Beginning of Life
    Frederick Klenner

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