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Advanced Scientific Health (ASH)
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provide for independent application of the knowledge.

Advanced Scientific Health ASH providing the natural cure for disease   FREE Advanced Scientific Health Elemental Health Research Guide
for Medical Practitioners, Health Care Providers  AND Families.   
       The information provided in this Guide is now saving 10's of 1,000's of lives.      
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Vickie Barker - AID Coordinator

Advanced Health Plan
ASH Researcher since 1999
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Advanced Scientific Health with ASH health knowledge
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Advanced Scientific Health with education on cancer, heart disease and MoRE

When we GIVE BACK to the body that which it was intended to have when it was Created, in the proper form, correct ratio and with sufficient supply, it can and will heal itself.

When the doctor gave me a prognosis of 3 to 5 years, I WOKE UP. I finally realized that continuing orthodox medical treatment was not only NOT making me well, it was actually shortening my life expectancy. I became an Advanced Scientific Health Researcher in 1999. The knowledge I have gained from the advanced scientific health community has not only provided the INDISPUTABLE Fact that the human body was Created perfectly but has given me the key to the Natural Cure for ALL Disease.

I thank God that someone took the time to share the Advanced Scientific Health (ASH) information with me. Many of my family members and friends are alive and well today only because they made the time to learn and became advanced scientific health researchers. I encourage you to do the same. ~Vickie Barker

ASH is a way to help yourself and others without utilizing government money and without risking our health and lives to potentially dangerous pharmacuetical drugs and mainstream medical procedures.

I am inviting you to join with us as an Advanced Scientific Health (ASH) researcher and become a part of the "Army of LifeSavers" Today!


Advanced Scientific Health (ASH)

Arming Ourselves for the Future
With Knowledge from the Past
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We need your help to get the ASH Information to others that may be suffering with any degenerative type disease. Please share this website with others to provide facts that may help them make more informed decisions about their health choices.

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Advanced scientific health research now provides
the answer for the health care crisis facing billions.


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