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Robert Barefoot Interview Page 2

Andrea:How about the people with cancer?

Bob: The answer is yes, and I'm saying that may sound controversial, but if you read the book, you'll understand what I'm saying because it's based on scientific fact, by world renowned scientists and doctors. The information isn't passed on to the medical groups and the medical doctors effectively - but in the scientific community - and it's by the world's best Noble Prize-winning scientists. Health is inexpensive and health is cheap. It's only medicine that costs money.

Andrea: Say that again because I think you're on a very, very important fact. That just boggles my mind.

Bob: Well, you can't get too many vitamins or minerals. You talked about those drugs. Those drugs kill people; they kill tens of thousands of people every year with drugs and they don't monitor them with the same zest as they go after a vitamin. They go after God's food, they challenge God's sun, and everything God does, they challenge. I happen to think God is right. Sunshine is good for you and actually prevents cancer. The sun not only produces Vitamin D in the skin it produces ISP3 and there are about 12 major biological chemicals that occur when stimulated with the sun. But if that is not enough for you, God did something else. He put the Pituitary Gland right behind the eye. It turn out the Pituitary Gland needs to be stimulated by full spectrum sunlight. When that occurs it regulates your hormones. For example: You go out in the sun for half an hour. Your Pituitary Gland tells your parathyroid glands to produce calcitonin. You have 4 pea size parathyroid glands in your neck. Calcitonin then goes out and regulates the calcium, preventing your body from decalcifying your bones. It's called the magic drug for the drug companies. But you can do it for nothing by going out and letting God do what He intended by getting in the sun. I tell people with glasses to take them off for at least a half hour a day and more than a half hour is even better -- any type of glasses because the glass filters the light and the pituitary gland needs full spectrum light. This doesn't mean you need to be on the beach looking at the sun. You need full spectrum sunlight even if it's in the shade. This is from Dr. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who said, "Sunshine is the number one nutrient." Therefore we are advocating what Dr. Hippocrates taught. Anybody that wants to find out more, my books can be obtained by calling 1-888-THE DIET.

Andrea: For a copy of your book, "The Calcium Factor."

Bob: It is just full of scientific information to explain how and why these minerals work. These people, by the way, in the Houngs or Okinawa, don't have cancer, they don't have diabetes, they don't have heart disorders, or mineral deficiency. These people do not have doctors because they do not need doctors. And Why? They consume large quantities of calcium. The hunter, who lives to 130, consumes 65 times the RDA daily. Where does he get his calcium? He gets it out of the water because his water is loaded with ground-up glacier, ground-up mountains - so they drink it like milk. It's turbid and every time he drinks it, he gets 25 times the RDA of calcium. So, we are told it can be toxic, like vitamin D. Well, that's sunshine - and just a few minutes of sunshine can be toxic. Well, that's crazy! It also is nonsense and can be proven and was proven. So, that's just great. The other fad that seems to be coming in is people taking nutritional supplements. Well, this fad has been going on a long time. There are seven or eight cultures that get it this way and they live on average double the life span without diseases. If health is a fad, then sure it's a fad, but this isn't something that's manufactured. Fads are usually manufactured for profit. This has been out there, and all we're doing is tapping on to it. We're saying, we want some, too. Give us the milk of the mountain, give us the milk of the oceans, we want to stay healthy, too. That sounds beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Coral Calcium is consumed by millions of Japanese and millions of Europeans, and soon we'll storm across America because you can't keep the truth from people forever. And, by the way, I have to tell you, I DO NOT SELL CORAL CALCIUM. The only thing I do is writing books in order to tell people how it can help them, and how these things work. And anybody who does sell it is saving lives.

Andrea: They are saving lives?

Bob: Absolutely! I worked with Dr. Carl Reich, who came to me because he was treating his patients with calcium deficiency - like they had arthritis and he said a funny thing happened. The diabetes disappeared their cancer disappeared. What am I doing? He went to Dr. Otto Warburg, Noble Prizewinner for cancer. Unfortunately, he died, and I took it up and 15 years later, we have the answers from the scientific community, and trust me, you can't knock a Noble Prizewinner all the time. I have to tell you just one more thing - that the book is being translated into several different languages, now. An audio version was just recorded, too. I love, just love to get people hooked on calcium, because the body is calcium. There are 200 diseases that are caused by calcium deficiency, but what the body does is it has to rob Peter to pay Paul. Everyone knows it takes calcium out of the bones and makes them brittle. It also takes the calcium out of the other fluids, your saliva. Your saliva is bright blue, alkaline. What happens is it takes the calcium out of your saliva and makes it very acidic. So your saliva is a reflection of your state of health. Now, for one cent and twelve seconds you can take pH paper into your month, and spit on it, look on the chart, and see exactly the acidic level or your disease level. Now, a nice thing about this is you can test your saliva without doing surgery. All you have to do is spit on a piece of paper. I have one of these strips.

Andrea: Can I try the test?

Bob: Not just yet. All you have to do is to understand that pH paper is the way to measure acidity. If you go out to the playground and have 100 children spit on it they will be blue. But if you go to the cancer clinic and say spit on it, everyone of them will be pH 4.5, bright yellow, which is a thousand times the acidity of normal.

Andrea: Wow!

Bob: Your saliva has an enzyme in it that has flitulan, and flitulan is a precursor for indigestion, and it allows you to take starches and convert them to sugars, and it only works if you are alkaline blue. What happens is, as you become mineral deficient, you go from blue to dark green, light green, green yellow to yellow. So by spitting on a penny's worth of pH paper, we can tell how mineral deficient you are. I'd like you to take that pH test now, Andrea, because if you are not bright blue you need mineral supplements. Here is the other factor. If you are bright blue, you should be on mineral supplements anyway, as an insurance policy, because all we are talking about is pennies a day, to guarantee you stay healthy. OK, well it has been in there and it looks a little blue green. Yes, see you are in about the 6.7 range, but that is normal. I have to tell you that by the time people are forty, 50% of people are green to green yellow, which means they are very sick. This pH paper has a scale on it from 4.5 to 7.5. The difference between 7.5 and 6.5 is ten but if you're a 5.5, that is a hundred, which means if your pH is 5.5, pale green to yellow, you would be 100 times the acidity of normal. If you go to the cancer clinic and test everyone's pH you'll find that their pH will be around pH 4.5, bright yellow, which is a thousand times (1000) the acidity of normal. Realize that as long as you're in the blue range it means that your body is repairing itself and your DNA is turned on. Your DNA doesn't really have anything to feed itself when you become acidic because the glucose entering your cells does not form the nucleotides in an acidic environment. Let me give you an example. Gladys came to me approximately six months ago and she came from the Mayo Clinic. She used to have $390,000 and she was down to $8,000 because she had surgery, which 95% of the time spreads the cancer. She had radiation and chemotherapy that ravished her body. She began with vaginal cancer and ended up with Lymphoma. In other words, it spread, and she was sent home to die. She telephoned me and she said "I've got $8,000 left" and she asked, "What should I do?" I told her she would have to spend some of her money. She said, "Oh, just like the other guys." I said "no, no, no. You spend it." She said "How much?" I said "$100 bucks. Maybe $200 if you want to." She asked, "What do I have to do?" I said, "I want you to go to the store and buy the best bikini you can buy." "But," she said, "you don't understand. My waist used to be 34 inches; it's now 69 inches. I've bloated up." I said, "Get a one-piece," and she did. She also went out and took calcium, magnesium supplements that were only a penny apiece, thousands of units of vitamin D, which is only nothing. It's milligrams and is healthy for you. And for 10 weeks she tripled up on everything. She had 6 hours of sun every day in her one-piece. And 10 weeks later, she telephoned me and told me she came back from Mayo Clinic and 4 oncologists could not find one trace of active cancer in her.

And her waist was back to 36. This story is not an exception. This story I have heard hundreds and hundreds of times. People with heart disease - no more heart disease. When you have your by-pass you're back in to the hospital four years later because you can't go to the car. If we give you a few mineral supplements and vitamins you will never go back to your doctor. You'll never get kidney stones, you'll never get gall stones. It's amazing, you can wipe out disease for a few cents a day.
In these books we go into every disease and explain exactly how it causes you to age and causes all degenerative diseases and it is easy to read material. And if any of you if any of your listeners would like to try this free twelve-second health test that can save your life, call 1-800-882-9577. I can tell you, it has already saved thousands of lives. There is no money involved and they will send you a free test kit to test your saliva pH. Now, here is the catch, as it is spelled out in the book, if your pH is 6.5 to 7.5, it is in the normal range, but if it's between 6.5 and 5.5, it means you are already developing a degenerative disease. Take someone with diabetes, their pH will be 5.5, 100 times more acidic than normal. That is the cause of their diabetes. People who go on nutrient and mineral supplements and get their pH up to 6.5 - usually it will take about six months - are off their insulin. For people who have cancer 4.5, it takes about the same amount of time. They kill the cancer; cancer can't survive in an alkaline medium. If you put a tumor in an alkaline medium, it will die in minutes. You can kill cancer according to Dr. Otto Warburg. You can kill cancer; all you have to do is make your body ALKALINE again by taking the supplements and, of course, the proper diet and water is a factor. But some of the main factors are taking calcium, magnesium, trace metals, coral calcium, and all the multivitamins. I tell people that they can never get too much; they can only have too little, regardless if they are bright blue. Even if you are bright blue, you want to stay blue, and I guarantee you, if you are sick you will not be blue. You take a child - he's bright blue; if he has a cold he'll be bright green, pH of 6.0. Now, if he had a blue, he would have been full of oxygen, it would have killed the virus that provided the cold.

When you say blue, you prevent things like colds, flu, and all kinds of diseases, because God made us creatures of oxygen, and when you become acidic, you expel the oxygen. Dr. Otto Warburg said, "The expulsion (state causing expelled) of oxygen is what causes cancer." And it does; therefore, there is a prevention and a cure. Anyway, I always like to tell doctors that they take a Hippocratic oath that is based on Dr. Hippocrates's teachings, not just his code of ethics. Did you know that 2,500 years ago, Dr. Hippocrates had a cure for cancer. Cure - C U R E, the dirty four letter word. He had a cure for cancer. Do you know what he did?


Bob: He taught. He was a nutritionist; he taught that all food is medicine and that best food is the best medicine. He would put people on different food regimes. If you came to him with cancer, he would tell you to eat lots of alkalizing GARLIC AND ONIONS. Now, if he were to do that in California today, for instance, down the street from you guys right now, the AMA would have dogs on him and all his property thrown in jail. It is not what you eat, it is what you don't eat.

In regard to food, one of the things you're talking about is Coral Calcium, officially. That is the real Coral Calcium from Japan. Millions of people are on it. It has a hundred-year history. The people, in this area, do not die young, they don't get sick. The only trouble is you can't get glacier water because they have barely enough for themselves. The only source of this is the milk of the ocean - Coral Calcium. It's available and it's a spectacular product that will save lives. The best type of calcium you can take as you get older is called coral calcium because it is pre-ionized. What it is, is like little tea bags. Millions and millions of Japanese consume them. It is the rage in Europe now. Europeans are consuming them. You put the little tea bags in water and they are already ionized (predigested) in the water so your body doesn't have to do it. That allows your body to intake a lot, very quickly, of calcium, magnesium, and other trace nutrients. When people consume food they don't consume ions, not pre-dissolved. They have to dissolve them in their stomach. They use the stomach acids to attack them and dissolve them. It is much like, if you were to put something in a beaker and watch it dissolve. It just ionizes until you can't see it any more. That is what your stomach does. When that happens, calcium is ionized. With something like Coral Calcium, pre-ionized before you put it in your stomach, you don't have to digest it. That eliminates the huge digestion factor. Digestion, especially of calcium products, is hard to do. Absorption is even ten times harder to do. The Coral Calcium comes from the island of Okinawa. In fact, it is one of the few places in the world - there are seven places in the world that have people who never get sick and never have cancer, and never have heart disease, no diabetes, they don't have memory disorders. They have no doctors and the other key factor about all these cultures, is they live decades longer than we do. They live younger, they don't grow old like we do. In the island of Okinawa, it is very noticeable. The natives have been watching this for hundreds of years. Finally, they realized that it must be something they were eating. Actually, what it was, they are a coral sea island, and the coral, which is calcium carbonate, dissolves into their water system, and it gets into their food, so they eat tons and tons of coral calcium.

Andrea: So, when you say coral, you're talking about the live coral.

Bob: No, no, no. What happens is the coral reef slowly disintegrates and the disintegrated sand falls back into the ocean. The Japanese government doesn't allow anybody to go mine these coral reefs. They allow us to clean up the debris below. That is really what it is. They are mining the coral debris. The Japanese government has been monitoring this for years; for decades they have allowed a few companies to go in and mine it up. They put it in little tea bags and they ship it all over the world.

Andrea: Sounds good to me. Robert. As much as I hate to say this, we have to go. Our time is up. It's been enjoyable and I wanted just one more time to mention your two books, "Death by Diet" and "The Calcium Factor" and this has been very, very rewarding and I love learning about health and nutrition. Thank you once again, Dr. Robert Barefoot, Andrea in the AM.

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