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Reverse Accelerated Aging NOW

In weight loss, death prevention, and life extension

If it were in our power to redirect the $60 billion annual drug companies' scam, called statin drugs, and give every person in the United States R.A.A.N.O.W., we would be elected to sainthood within 36 months.

That’s how important the benefits of RAANOW are.

Just learn the proofs of these three truths:

  1. It is the most sophisticated weight loss aid in the world. Nothing else is close.

    2.   It prevents myocardial infarction (heart attack) more effectively than            all drugs now on the market.

  1. It is such a powerful free radical scavenger that it will neutralize even cigarette smoke free radicals.

We cannot find this product free, but with our structure we can make it very inexpensive, and we can be part of a movement that can prevent two million needless deaths a year in the U.S. That’s the approximate population of a city the size of Dallas—every year.    Please learn how as step one.


(Reverse Accelerated Aging Now)

How and when one takes RAANOW dictates whether the resulting benefits are maximum rather than minimal. Remember that GH/Insulin factors are one of the basics for human health and longevity. This is the third tine in the intrepid trident of optimum energy and age reversal.

You already know from the links and information provided that this is not a test or a trial. The components work for all human bodies and as such the benefits are now being taught to medical students for use in their future practices.

The bulk of attention to the "miracle molecule" L-Arginine has been directed at its benefits in fat loss, muscle and sex gains, and bone and skin repair. However, in light of proofs to which you are already privy, remember that heart disease is the world’s number one killer. A myocardial infarction, (heart attack), is a blood clot blocking nutrients and oxygen to that omnipotent muscle. L-Arginine is an anticoagulant that prevents such indiscriminant clotting. It also is an anti-inflamatory and it relaxes long strand muscles, which in layman’s terms means it reduces high blood pressure. Unlike prescription drugs or aspirin, it does not prevent clotting at a point of trauma, like a finger cut. It does not damage internal tissue or cause bleeding in the stomach or lining of arteries, which causes plaque build-up. The only possible drawback could be to those with herpes virus, but none of us in our right minds does not take Plus Aminos with L-Lysine along with ascorbates, (Master Formula One), because that has been proven to block herpes and the spread of all diseases in the human body including cancer and specifically breast cancer.

For best results take the R.A.A.NOW on an empty stomach and don’t put it into the stomach at the same time as Plus Aminos. That means take it two hours after eating and twenty minutes before exercising, (for best results, even if the activity is only deep breathing--you may eat thirty minutes thereafter), or twenty minutes before sleeping a minimum of four hours. Research recommends three to six grams of L-Arginine daily. One teaspoon R.A.A.NOW equals two grams. Take your Master Formula I and Plus Aminos at meal time, your alkalizing Master Formula Two an hour after the evening meal. Simple carbohydrates, (all sugars and grain products, and potatoes), cause insulin release, the storage of such as fat, and neutralize overall benefits of R.A.A.NOW—avoid them. Furthermore, treat fries, cigarette smoke, and carbonated beverages like the carcinogenic poisons all scientists and medical professionals say they are.

Additional questions can be answered at the members’ conference calls, Saturdays 1:00 pm eastern time.

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