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It seems that every couple of years a new virus comes along that no known drug will cure. This year it is the SARS virus. Last year it was the West Nile virus, for which there is still no drug solution.

In 1992, the famous Dr. Matthias Rath revealed that the AIDS virus could be successfully treated with the natural enzyme blocking action of lysine for $150.00 a year. This proved so successful that in 1996 the pharmaceutical industry developed a stronger artificial lysine, complete with drug side effects, that could be patented and would do the same thing for $5,000.00 a year. The wonders of progress.

Rath supercharged his protocol with another amino and ascorbates. This combination proved effective against bacteria and pathogens other than just viruses, to wit: herpes influenza, asthma, bladder infection, hay fever, ad nauseum. They all attack the body in the same way.

Here's the key to the apparent arsenal. The body will store up to 1.1 pounds of lysine. (This is completely safe.) At this point it is optimally armed to fight invaders, known and unknown.

Personally, in my area, we are famous for pollen and hayfever. If I sneeze more than a couple of times, I increase my daily intake of Master Formula Two & Plus Aminos. Deductive reasoning tells me my body's arsenal is being depleted as it fights invaders. I have used these same two powders for years to successfully prevent another heart attack.

It wasn't until recently that I realized I haven't even had a cold during that entire time. For me it isn't the wonders of medicine, it is knowledge of the requirements of God's greatest creation, the human body. That and $16.00 a month. For verification, refer to the book, CANCER, by Matthias Rath, M.D.

I want to thank my dear friend above for his input on the SARS Virus as I know this is one of the HOT Issues in the news. My personal feeling is that FEAR is actually the worst of all Weapons of Mass Destruction. While our attention is focused on the fear of contracting a virus that has no cure...(pnemonia, aids, SARS, WestNile, etc..) it makes one wonder what is really happening out there that the controlled media CAN'T cover?

Prior to the urgent call to action to educate a few people that the war in Iraq was a massacre of innocent civilians, and a massive invasion by the Bush/Blair Brigade, I was devoted to making public the information not being offered through the medical mainstream.

I want to take this opportunity to let you in on some secrets that will prevent needless pain and suffering right here at home.

One of the biggest and most inhumane cover-ups is the pharmaceutical industry cartel. Most people are aware that oil and global control are driving factors in the Iraq war. But few seem to realize that the pharmaceutical and medical industry was a 2.3 trillion dollar business last year. (And who do you think controls these industries?)

Just a hint here, but the Bush family controls a very big portion of pharmaceutical stock.

What I was doing prior to my committment to help present facts about the war, was helping to develop a means to educate people on the safe and effective means to stop and prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, aids and most other degenerative diseases. This also included working with a gentleman that is totally dedicated to the same mission and was financially capable of providing the means to obtain the highest quality, most effective and least expensive formulas available today.

Some of you may already have learned that Coral Calcium and Cesium Chloride will raise the body's alkalinity to a state in which cancer can not grow. And for those of you that have learned this, you may already know how expensive the high grade can be.

With the help of a few people, the gentleman above found a lab that was open to the idea of working with us to provide these non-drug formulas. They understand the health crisis facing so many families today. We also understand the financial crisis facing so many today. The lab agreed to provide these forumalas at lab cost if we could develop a means to educate the masses. So this is what we did.

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