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What I Have Learned.

"Happy Cells Make Healthy Bodies" ~ Vickie Barker

As Advanced Scientific Health (ASH) Researchers we have no need to diagnose, prescribe or recommend treatment for any so-called dis-ease. We've learned that if we but give back to our body that which it was intended to have, in the correct form, the proper ratio, and with ample supply, it can and does heal itself. We've learned how and what to give back to the body through researching science at the cellular level. The ASH Education Program provides you and yours a free course of study in Orthomolecular nutrition [ortho=correct, right]. We feel it is our responsibility to share this knowledge with others.    ~ Vickie Barker - ASH Researcher since 1999

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr.


I am here to share with you what I’ve learned and how I utilize these simple basic and effective formulas to meet my body's cellular needs. 


And I found out something else.  I learned that ALL human bodies seem to operate for the most part, basically on the same principles, especially, when we look at that human body at the cellular level. 


So to save time and confusion, lets start at that level.


If you’ve done your homework and have had time to receive your first shipment of formulas, you should be looking at several white bottles, at least one bottle of the MoRE , one of the Master Formula II and one RAANOW. This is an average order of a month’s supply for one person of about 150 lbs for maintenance.   And If your body is in need of repair, which most are, then of course you will learn to adjust accordingly on your next orders. And Yes, they are simple plain black and white labels. [Do you want "fancy and frilly" or "humble and healthy"?] 


I know you’re anxious to get started so I’ll move on to some quick tips that may help you develop your plan of action.


One of the first questions I hear is “how many doses a day should I take?”


Well, my answer to that one is; the cells really don’t understand “doses”. So for the sake of the cell, lets get this out of the way first. 


Dose or doses seem to be words that relate to something that is to be prescribed due to certain chemical reactions that may occur when toxic elements are ingested, injected, inhaled or even absorbed.  Now that is my definition of dose or doses and when I did look it up on the free dictionary online I found their definitions to be very similar. 


dose  (ds)



a. A specified quantity of a therapeutic agent, such as a drug or medicine, prescribed to be taken at one time or at stated intervals.

b. The amount of radiation administered as therapy to a given site.

2. An ingredient added, especially to wine, to impart flavor or strength.

3. An amount, especially of something unpleasant, to which one is subjected: a dose of hard luck.

4. Slang A venereal infection.

tr.v. dosed, dos·ing, dos·es

1. To give (someone) a dose, as of medicine.

2. To give or prescribe (medicine) in specified amounts.

The ingredients in the formulas are not chemicals, drugs or medicine.  The ingredients in the ASH formulas are actually what the body was intended to receive naturally from our food, air, water and sun or to be made naturally by the body as is the case of the ascorbates.  So as an ASH researcher studying in the field of orthomolecular science I find that “doses” are not only “not needed”, but are actually not tolerated well by the cells at all. 


The next common question we hear is “How do I mix the formulas?”. 


Well, you’ve noticed by now that the ASH formulas are in a powder form, and for good reason.  The best way to ingest anything is in its most liquid form.  Even chewing food should be done to masticate the food into the tiniest particles for best utilization and it causes the least stress on the body.  Mixing the powder into a liquid is very easy to do.


The best liquid that we’ve been given and all should have access to is of course “water”.  Hopefully you do have access to good safe water that doesn’t  contain, chlorine, fluoride or other toxic chemicals and heavy metals.  [Good water is getting harder to find for many people, so do some homework.]


Each element in the ASH Formulas serve the cells up a nutritious meal that addresses specific functioning ability within the cells. Special attention has been paid in the formulation to have these elements in the correct form and in a proper ratio.  ASH formulas were developed for cellular use and not developed with our taste buds in mind, although they really don’t taste that bad.


As you read the labels on the bottles of the formulas you will note the Suggested Serving Size for each protocol.  These are a suggested serving size according to the research we have on the amount for an average person of 150 lbs on a self developed “maintenance program”. 

  • The MoRE has a suggested maintenance serving of at least 1 tablespoon per day. 

  • The Master Formula II has a maintenance serving of one teaspoon per day. 
  • RAA-NOW has a suggested serving of one teaspoon per day.


I've learned that EVERY body, at about 150 lbs of body weight, should be providing at least the amount of ascorbate in 1 tablespoon of the MoRE per day just for maintenance.  Of course the amount you choose to take will be dependent on the level or degree of degeneration in your body.  How much rebuilding is needed?  In my case I knew when I first started that I had major degeneration of my collagen matrix and my body was loaded with toxins so I certainly needed more than just a maintenance amount.

With the MoRE formula now enhanced with the digestive enzymes we realize how important it is to take the MoRE with our meals which helps preserve our depleted supply of our bodies' own enzymes. Of course the dry formula can be sprinkled directly on food, but we must remember that heat kills the enzyme properties so it should only be sprinkled on cold or warm food.


Master Formula II also ionizes (dissolves) very well in water.  Doesn’t really matter how much water.  When I am in a hurry, I just toss a tsp in about a ¼ cup of water, stir it up and drink it down.  I have learned that a great way for me to take my Master Formula II is in my vegetable juice with my CEO's.  And although I generally count that as one of my meals, it seems to work for me. 


The RAANOW is also easily mixed in water.  The amount of water depends on how diluted and how big a drink you are in want of.  From the studies it is not recommended that l-arginine be taken with sugar so that sort of leaves out many of the fruit juices.  Usually I just mix it in water and drink it.


Many of the researchers mix their MoRE and RAANOW in green tea. (Not at the same time of course and that will be explained in more detail below)  That is a smart choice as well.


 Another familiar question is “When is the best time to take the formulas?”


Through our research we’ve found a couple of things about some of the ingredients in the Formulas that suggest to us the best time to take them.


So, Let’s look at these 3 bottled protocols, the MoRE, the Master Formula II and the RAANOW.  (Now You may also have cesium carbonate in your shipment, especially if you are researching and applying that knowledge for a cancer management situation and I will address that in a moment, but for now, set the cesium aside)

Let’s take some time and get a bit more familiar with these 3 simple formulas.  Remember, these protocols work together synergistically in addressing the 3 basics, which are of course, the collagen matrix, the ph balance and the hormonal balance. 


The MoRE formula, as you can see, is built around the primary ingredient, ascorbate.  After all, we already know that our body can’t produce ascorbate nor does it obtain sufficient amounts from our food, to rebuild, regenerate and remove toxins from the body.  Ascorbates are water soluble which means they do not accumulate or store up in the body.  When the human body actually produced ascorbate it did it throughout the day, as needed.  And if the body became compromised as in a fight or flight situation, injury or stress, it would produce more, just as all the other animals on the planet do, except for of course the fruit bat, guinea pig and some primates.


So it seems only logical that if at all possible we should consume the MoRE formula all throughout the day. The cells in the body rebuild on a constant basis, why not give it what it needs to do the best job possible. With the digestive enzymes included in the MoRE formula the body now has the means to digest protein, carbohydrates and fat without further depleting the body's own store of enzymes. This makes the MoRE formula a great drink just prior to or during a meal.


Now, lets move on to the Master Formula II.  The biggest bottle in your package.  The Master Formula II addresses the pH balance among a great many other things. When a body becomes more alkaline, there is more available oxygen. Each element in the 3 formulas are in the proper ratio and the proper form for optimum cellular assimilation and function.  The calcium citrate in the Master Formula II is an organic calcium and we find it best assimilated by the body 20 minutes to an hour after a meal, although many of us take it with our meals. The main thing is to take it at some point during your waking hours. 


RAANOW, stands for Reverse Accelerated Aging NOW, and is the protocol that addresses the hormonal balance among other things.  We find that the l-arginine in the RAANOW works best when taken on an empty stomach.  Most men will take their RAANOW before going to bed as men produce their hormones in the first 90 minutes of sleep whereas women sometimes like to take ½ of their RAANOW in the morning on an empty stomach and ½ at night before bed because women produce hormones 24 hours a day. But, some men and women take the RAANOW in the morning on an empty stomach. There again, the important thing is to get the elements to the cells. 


We’ve also learned that l-arginine in the RAANOW can be neutralized by the powerful amino acid l-lysine that is found in the MoRE and in the No Fool I.  This doesn’t hurt you, but it will reduce the efficiency of the l-arginine so we don’t want to waste any possible benefit.  Because of this fact we have learned to not take the MoRE (or No Fool I) and the RAA-NOW in the same digestive session.  Most of us wait at least 1 to 2 hours in between ingesting those 2 formulas.


Another question that arises is “How do I know if I am getting enough?”


Well, with the ascorbates in the MoRE (and in the No Fool I) that is an easy question.  Like I mentioned the ascorbates are water soluable, they do not store up in the body, but when the body has reached the titration level, or saturation point, the body will eliminate the excess, and one will notice a bit of what most call diarrhea.  Not something to worry about, the body can clean out a lot of toxins that way, but it can be uncomfortable so as recommended by the great scientists, back off a bit.  I see it as a signal from the cells that we are providing a sufficient supply.  Backing off and then adjusting as you determine your comfortable level becomes very easy over time.


The Aminos found in the MoRE (and No Fool I) consist of L-Lysine and L-Proline.  These happen to be the amino acids that the Unified Theory is based on.  Good research on that one with Linus Pauling and Mathias Rath.  They’ve shown us that  If enough l-lysine can be built up in the body, to 1.1 lbs for an average person of 155 lbs, that person will never worry with ANY type virus taking up residence in their body.  Bird flu virus, herpes virus, SARS, HIV and the many other viruses that seem to warrant a wide spread fear among the medical mainstream are not really that scary at all when you understand that all viruses move through the body in the same way.  We’ve just learned how to prevent the viruses from latching on to our cells.


I have learned that the magnesium in the Master Formula II can have a laxative effect. I realized after I started taking it that I should have started with a smaller amount for the first day and then increased it over the next few days.  This is something I would suggest anyone do with anything.  When starting a new program of any kind, whether it be a physical workout, a diet, whatever, that it should be started in moderation.  Find the tolerance level for yourself first.  Let the body acclimate to the new conditions.


The RAANOW contains niacin.  Niacin will actually help the blood vessels to expand and sometimes we may feel a “flushing effect” shortly after we take the RAANOW.  This let’s us know that sufficient amounts of the protocol is making its way through the body.  Most of us find that after a short time on the formula that the maintenance serving is sufficient, but that again will be dependent on your particular situation.


We’ve learned that most bodies are already at some level or degree of degeneration and it can be most effective if the body has an additional supply of resources to the cells to not only deal with maintenance, but also get some of the repairs done at the same time.


To help you adjust your health plan to meet your body’s needs it is a good idea to spend some time at the Live Lectures each Saturday at 10:00am Pacific Time by dialing 1-916-209-4534 pin 3214#


Remember, moderation is the key.  Start slow, the body has been without for a very long time, give it time to adjust to its new found abilities.  Let it work for you and learn to listen to it, it tells us things about ourselves each and every day. 

The question that comes to me that excites me probably more than any other is: How do I give the formulas to my children.  The reason that excites me is that I am relieved that you understand that those little children also have human bodies that are in need of most of the same things we need.  They just happen to be smaller people.


What my daughter and other parents do is calculate amounts of the suggested servings by weight of the child.  The only 2 formulas that they give to their children are the MoRE and the Master Formula II and of course the CEO's (which is not a formulation) .  As I mentioned before, the protocols are formulated based on a maintenance amount for an average weight of 150 lbs.  So that would mean a child weighing 75 lbs would only take ½ the serving size. A child at 37 lbs would only take ¼ of the serving size.


Children do not need the RAANOW.  RAANOW contains l-arginine which stimulates the production of natural growth hormone.  A young man will produce enough Natural Growth Hormone until they are about 23 years old.  A young woman will produce enough until they are about 21 years old.  So really the MoRE (or No Fool I), the Master Formula II and the CEO's are the only protocols that we share with our kids and grandkids.  Remember: kids are human too.

The ELE's have been a welcome addition to our ASH protocols. We want these capsules to dissolve after they pass from the stomach so we take one, two, or three capsules with a cool liquid, on an empty stomach, one, two, or three times a day.



Now, If you’ve ordered Cesium, lets spend a few minutes on what you might do with it.

I don't have cancer, but I’ve done a great deal of research on it. I feel priveliged to have had access to the work of scientists and doctors known around the world for their facts and findings concerning cancer and really all disease. These are Scientists that were actually awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery and this discovery holds the key to turning the current health care crisis around.

I’ve learned that Cesium is the fastest substance known to man that will raise the body's pH. Cesium is a naturally occurring element, a salt. I’ve used Cesium myself to raise my pH although it was not needed for any cancer management. I used Cesium Chloride in the beginning, but studies have shown that Cesium Carbonate is a bit easier on the tummy and has a little higher pH, so we have Cesium Carbonate available now.

ASH Researchers have access to Cesium Carbonate that is shipped in a little plastic bag (usually hard to find in the shipment when it comes, so look hard). There is 30 grams in a bag.

Much of the research we found; discoveries and reports from the Nobelists; statements from the doctors that have joined us on the ASH conference calls; and a document from the Mayo Clinic, gives me a good idea of how I would proceed with a cancer crisis management protocol.

I'd take my Cesium ( the little 30 gram bag ) and pour it into 30 ounces of water. This makes for easy measuring.  Stir it up so that it is completely dissolved. Now, one ounce will equal one gram.  Depending on how aggressive I want to be, and because I have researched cases where cancer patients were taking anywhere from 3 to 9 grams of Cesium per day with meals,  I may decide to start with 3 grams per day just to see how my body will tolerate it.  Taking one ounce 3 times a day with meals, this would mean that the 30 ounces I mixed up will last me only 10 days (because I will be taking one ounce 3 times a day for 10 days). I also figure I'd have to order at least 3 of the Cesium to have a month supply on hand.

I now know that it is VERY important to give the body extra potassium if I were taking Cesium for any cancer management. My research tells me that a ratio of 3 to 2 is important. A little calculation tells me that if I am going to take 3 grams of Cesium then I should provide 2 grams of potassium to my cells. (Here is where it would be great to have a natural doctor working with me for monitoring purposes. If I did not have a good doctor to work with me in my area, I would search for one at:  There are links on there that can help us locate naturopaths in most areas. I would also read the labels of the ASH Formulas to find how much is already provided in the ASH protocols.)


Through my research I understand what to expect if I am using Cesium for cancer purposes. I know that my lips will tingle shortly after taking the cesium, but it only lasts for a few minutes. It is actually telling me that I'm taking enough to reach all throughout my body. I could possibly feel a bit flu-ish, with maybe even some diarrhea, as the toxins and dead cancer cells are filtered through my liver and out of my body. (I know the MoRE is rebuilding my collagen matrix, of which the liver is part of, and it is also helping flush my system out)


We now know the cause of cancer, it is a lack of oxygen at the cellular level.  The 2 points to remember about cancer is:

1. Oxygen kills cancer cells.
2. Sugar feeds cancer cells.

Many times, what happens when a person is focused on bringing up the bodies' pH to provide more available oxygen is that, they forget about sugar feeding cancer cells. Not everyone realizes that the cells look at the carbohydrates in things like fruit, bread, grains and cereals as sugar, but they do. I would stop ALL sugar. I mean, sugar, breads, grains, potatoes, ANYTHING the body treats like sugar. Cancer cells feed on the fermentation of these things. (Why feed it?) Even bananas, which are rich in potassium seem to be a good choice, but when we look at the natural sugar content, it really wouldn’t make much sense to eat bananas while at the same time trying to kill cancer cells.  But if you are a banana eater just realize, it is only a short time before the cancer cells are dead and gone, then you’ll be able to treat yourself to that banana.

Johanna Budwig, nominated  6 or 7 times for the Nobel Prize for her cottage cheese and flax seed oil protocol, helped over 40,000 people get rid of their cancer cells. She recommended of course Otto Warburg's Cesium protocol but also added eating a good quality cottage cheese with good cold pressed Flax seed oil every day.

The change in this protocol that is now necessary is due to the fact that so much of the adulterated fats are being consumed in place of the natural oils. Hydrogenated oils were not a concern for Johanna's protocol because people were still eating good whole food and had access to the UNadulterated oils. THINGS HAVE CHANGED especially here in America!

Although I don’t have cancer, I intend to consume at least one tablespoon of the Correct Essential Oils (CEO's) everyday.  The CEO's contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids in the proper ratio AND proper form and allow the cells to be like oxygen sponges......

I usually put my tablespoon of the oil into a vegetable juice but sometimes I also pour it on my salad with a little sea salt for flavor.

There is also a food list on acid/alkaline foods at
 that you may find helpful.

As I monitor my pH throughout the month and as it reaches 8.0, I will know that the cancer cells are dying within hours. Then of course I will be expecting the black tar like stools which is merely the dead cancer cells leaving my body forever, because I am not going to let my pH fall below 7.35 again. My health care provider of course, will be the one that can tell me when the cancer cells are gone.


NOTE:  It has been brought to my attention that those folks that may have cavities in their teeth will do best in reading and monitoring the pH of the urine instead of the saliva. Cavities will generally cause a more acidic saliva reading.


Please utilize your AID resources.  Spend some time at your ASH Research Website, click, watch and listen to the videos. Join us on the Live ASH calls each Saturday at 10:00am Pacific Time by dialing 1-916-209-4534 pin 3214#  


Remember the 3 basics and the 3 formulas that address those 3 basics.

Remember how important oxygen is to the human body?

  • The ascorbates in the MoRE are the oxygen transport system.

  • The Master Formula II raises the pH and provides the body with more available oxygen.

  • The RAANOW contains niacin which helps expand the blood vessels carrying that oxygen.

  • The EFA’s (CEO) are the transfer system, transferring the oxygen in to the cells.


    Keep those little mitachondria happy.  Remember, happy cells make healthy bodies.


    AND we at Advanced Scientific Health are happy too.  We’re happy and relieved that you and your family are here with us.  Research, learn, apply the knowledge, experience the evidence and be ready to share with others.   Have a great day and may God Bless you and yours.


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