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Hello, my name is Vickie Barker.
My name is not important, however, the information that I share is VITAL.


          "I had no idea."
Experience is the evidence.
          In 1991 I was a 35-year-old district manager for the Dept of Human Resources specializing in Adult and Family Services. I learned a great deal through the many mentors that came to me along the way. Many things I learned did not become apparent to me until years later.

Our district's staff managed a $22 million budget for the biennium and above the administration costs for the programs provided, the balance left, a whopping 80% of the dollars went to medical assistance programs.
(Please note: this district, may have had the largest area but it also had the lowest population of all the districts in the state.) These are costs that can easily be reduced by nearly 90% when the following information is finally released and acted upon.

Before getting into that information, I believe it is important to share with you a bit of history. The reason is that there are millions now facing these same experiences and I truly hope that by my sharing, you too can begin making a big difference. Do not dispair, the following list of maladies will be fully understandable when you learn why these symptoms appear. You will also learn as I did that you can reverse the suffering.

In 1991 I began suffering with headaches. I had good medical insurance, so I went to see a doctor about the headaches. (In retrospect those headaches were only a minor annoyance compared to the vicious set of symptoms to come.)

The doctor prescribed pain pills for my headache. (I had no idea at the time that licenced practicing medical professionals were restricted by law to only tell their patients of chemical drugs, radiation and surgeries as the only methods to be used in the treatment of disease. Thank God, the scientists, the insider doctors, Barney and through ASH, I do know now.) The headaches went away for a time, however when they came back it seemed to be a different headache (Truth is, I had no idea there were so many different types of headaches) and other problems began to surface as well.

During the next 12 months I was diagnosed with TMJ, sinusitis and even depression. I was given more pills for those symptoms as well. The next year, my doctor told me that I now suffered from "chronic fatigue" and prescribed more pills.

By 1993 another term was added to my list of ailments-something called "fibromyalgia." Now I had a name for the new pains I'd begun to feel all over my body. What a relief it was when I was prescribed more pills for fibromyalgia.

1994 brought a new round of symptoms and extensive testing with nuclear medicine, injections, magnetic waves and, of course, new prescriptions for more drugs. The term "multiple sclerosis" was added to my vocabulary and my doctor told me I had three to five years left to live.

I had five young children and there had to be a better solution than three to five years of more suffering and an early death.

It occurred to me that I may be suffering from the adverse effects of prescribed drugs after my primary pharmacist, Jack at the local BiMart pharmacy, refused to refill one of my "most dependable?" medications. He advised me that because I had been taking them for an extended period that my liver was now compromised. While still in his presence I heard his telephone conversation with my doctor. Alarming to say the least. A big thank you to Jack. He is most certainly one of the main contributing factors to me taking responsibility for my own health.

I began researching and discovered another health community outside of the medical mainstream. Many know it as the Alternative health care system. I learned to relieve symptoms without relying on chemical drugs with all their dangerous side effects. The relief was welcomed but I realized my body was not healing and was only deteriorating at a slower pace. I accepted that and welcomed my Father's Will be done.

Then my phone rang. It was late afternoon in November of 1999 and the voice of a gentleman out of Atlanta, Georgia began sharing about his heart but more important he was sharing from his heart. Through study of reference books, faxes, clinical studies, reports, analysis, hundreds of phone calls and followups, not only did I find this most remarkable study to prove scientific and factual, I found a mentor and friend. His name is Barney Folger, and now I along with 1,000's of others have learned how the human body works. Now that we understand how the body works we can better serve its needs.

We began to realize that all diseases are merely different levels or degrees of degeneration of the body caused by elemental deficiencies which compromise the body's ability to repair and regenerate at the cellular level.

We knew we were on the right track as our efforts to teach people about how their bodies work have been rewarded every step of the way: When we needed a source for certain substances, we found them; when we needed people with specific skills and training, they appeared; when we needed more information, it came; when we needed proof that orthomolecular nutrition works, another person would report that their chronic symptoms had reversed.

The last several years of study and experience have proven to the founders and members of ASH that God created for us a perfect body. All it requires to be healthy are a few vitamins, minerals and a happy heart. (Stress is one of the fastest growing, acid producing experiences that a body can have. Always remember, Spirit, Mind & Body)

I am thankful to the scientific community, particularly to doctors Warburg, Brewer, Pauling and Klenner. They have provided us with the indisputable facts of how our bodies work, what causes them to get sick and how to help them heal.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" ~Hosea 4:6

I suspect that excellent health insurance, coupled with ignorance of how the body works, is the number one killer of Americans. That combination nearly killed me-but it didn't-and now my life is dedicated to showing others how to heal themselves easily and inexpensively through orthomolecular nutrition.

I encourage you to make time to review the information that is being presented throughout our Internet Outreach Websites, Live Lecture Calls, the Elemental Health Research Guide and other educational materials that have been developed and are now available to health care professionals, organizations, churches, schools and most importantly, to families.

I have been an independent researcher with a research group called Advanced Scientific Health (ASH) since 1999.  ASH was developed as an education program to help others learn how the body works at the cellular level. The research, facts and findings come from the Scientific Health Community.

After INDEPENDENT application of the facts and findings, the Researchers do come together COLLECTIVELY to share the facts that do support the scientists' contingency. We made the time to learn more. We invite you to do the same. Now the question is:  What will YOU do?

There are 3 important facts that ASH Researchers have learned:

Most families and in fact most licenced health care providers have primarily been educated throughout our lives and have become quite familiar with the Medical Mainstream health care system which is limited to the use of chemicals, radiation and surgeries.

The Alternative Healthcare Community provides simple applications of remedies that offer relief of symptoms that will not cause further harm to the body's own abilities to heal itself. However, although these remedies are much safer than the medical approach they may not always address the underlying cause of the pain, suffering and inabilities of the body.

THIRD: ASH Researchers found the Scientific Health Community that few are aware of. We found that application of the facts and findings from the scientific health community provided us with the knowledge of how to actually help our bodies to heal themselves. We found the reason that this community has not been readily available to health care professionals and families was that it did not have a vehicle in place to provide the essential and vital facts to those that need it the most.

The scientific community provides a basic and simple approach that allows the body to heal itself just as it was intended when it was created. Science has shown us how the body works at the cellular level. With this knowledge and application you can learn to help yourself, your loved ones and those you care for. The answer for the well being of ALL human bodies is now available and it is needed like never before.

No one need suffer with pain and disease.

Natural Cure for Cancer and all Disease

The facts and findings we share come from the work of Insider Doctors and Scientists that have studied in the area of orthomolecular science. These doctors and scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery, but have not previously had a voice to provide the facts and the solution for those suffering.

The following basic resources will provide enough information to help ANYONE make more informed decisions about their health and their future. As time allows I will expand on my history and background. For now it is essential that you take a few minutes and begin learning how basic and elemental good health can be. This nation is in a health crisis and the solution is here now. Whether the crisis can be resolved for you, your family, friends or your patients is up to you. Take the time to learn and apply the knowledge as currently 10's of 1,000's have done. They are here now to share with you.

Get to know me, the other ASH Researchers, the insider doctors and the scientists. Please help yourself to the following information, research the facts and then become your own best testimonial through application of this new found knowledge.

Do not let ANYONE suffer needlessly. Get The FACTS!

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" ~ Hosea 4:6

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