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Advanced Scientific Health (ASH)

Imagine if there were a cure for cancer.

Why would anyone keep it a secret?

Imagine if there was a way to reverse the effects of
arthritis or a treatment that would eradicate Diabetes.

How could this news not reach the front page?

Let's think about this for a minute. If there were a cure for cancer what would happen? The lives of millions would be blessed, families of cancer victims would no longer suffer along with their loved ones, people currently being treated for cancer would no longer need long painful chemotherapy sessions, billions of dollars would be lost each year by doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufacturers as their goods and services would become obsolete. Wait a minute....Billions of dollars would be lost?.... Do you now know why these cures would not be shared openly with the general public? Money...Don't underestimate the power of money. It is clearly not in the better interest of those who profit by treating an illness to cure it.

Miracle cures and treatments do exist and are being developed every day. An open door to suppressed scientific discovery and an oasis of life improving nourishment. Advanced Scientific Health (ASH) deals in information and makes it available through their links on the Internet and Information Packets.

You can help make a difference, join this great endeavor!

"The Life you Save Could Be Your Own"

Help Spread the word, help save millions of lives. Advanced Scientific Health is not just for a few....it's for all of us. Involve family, friends, neighbors, associates and whole communities, and help save lives, so that they can do the same....and pass it on.

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