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I am only one;  but still I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;  I will not refuse to do something I can do.  ~ Edward Everett Hale

Nine weeks on ASH progress report


I woke this morning and as I did my exercises lying in bed I again realized what a blessing ASH has been in my life. So for each of you as you move forward with all your health issues let me share a few of the things that no longer bother me.

1. Headaches gone after 35 years of living on Excedrin and finally ending up in a hospital with a bleeding stomach

2. Pain in my chest for years, after a few infections around the heart, now gone.

3. lines in my face leaving, and at 75 that is such fun to look as young as I feel.

4. I can now walk a straight line and no longer fear falling or stumbling as I walk.

5. Kidney infections that continued to plague me weekly, have not had one since I got on the product.

6. Incontinence that I had gone through surgery to correct, didn't work, now gone.

7. Heavy hard calluses on my feet that were so painful are now getting softer each day,

8. Age spots on my arms and hands slowly leaving, not all gone yet, but looking forward to being as young as Willard who was on the call and is 91, said all his age spots and wrinkle lines are gone in the last two years.

9. Back and hip pain now gone. It was always hard to get up and down, not now.

10. Blood pressure medication down to 1/2 pill every two weeks. Also Premerin down to two tablets a month, used to take one each day.

11. Fibromyalgia: this has been the hardest to get rid of, but when the body starts to cleanse it is sometimes very painful.. I SUGGEST YOU ORDER THE SERRAPEPTASe TO HELP THROUGH THOSE PAINFUL CLEANSINGS.. I found it was wonderful and did great things to help, still take some once in a while.

12. Where will we go from here, I have no idea. I am planning to be a hostess at a big fishing lodge in Alaska this next year. Planning to work with my children in their candle making business. Planning a big three day seminar in January with the Landmark Company, totally exciting. I take voice lessons and cannot believe how much strength I have in my voice now, I take Piano lessons each week and music brings peace to my soul.

13. After 75 years and all the ups and downs of life, to have found these products is the greatest gift of life. I believe the $30.00 a month and these products will keep me from paying $3,000 every month to a nursing home.

May each of you be so inspired to take the time to listen and learn.

Wednesday night at 9:00 ET 1 212 990 8000 3024#

My blessings to you.

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The ONLY Natural Cure for Disease is the Human Body as it was Created.  ALL Disease is merely a different level or degree of degeneration caused by certain deficiencies in elements, minerals and ability the human body once had available. 

The Scientific Health Community has provided the Indisputable  Proof that the human body was Created PERFECTLY and if we but give back to the body that which it was intended to have when it was Created, in a form it can use,  it Can and DOES heal itself.  ~ Vickie Barker - ASH Researcher #333333