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New Poisons - Old Advice

By Pat Shannan

Acrylamide is a cancer-causing chemical found in many American products.

Has the brouhaha raised in recent years about the dangers of aspartame in artificial sweeteners caused our life-span-regulators to invent a new poison substitute? Or have researchers uncovered yet another previously unknown cause of cancer? Aspartame found primarily in diet drinks and the sugar substitute "Equal" (the blue stuff), causes memory loss, arthritis, and most symptoms akin to multiple sclerosis, generally making one's life miserable. Now Swedish scientists have discovered that acrylamide is a cancer-causing chemical found in many American products, and nobody knows how it gets there.
According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a private watchdog group, several popular brands of snack chips, taco shells, French fries, and breakfast cereals contain some of the highest acrylamide levels. CSPI has called on the Food & Drug Agency to treat acrylamide with greater seriousness.
"The FDA has been strangely silent about acrylamide," CSPE Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson said. "It should be advising consumers to avoid or cut back on the most contaminated and least nutritious foods while more testing is done across the food supply. The FDA also should be intensively investigating ways of preventing the formation of this carcinogen."
If the government agency moves at its normal tortoise pace, we should expect the initial reports to go public by the year 2050.
Meanwhile, fast food French fries showed the highest levels of acrylamide among the foods CSPI had tested, with a large order containing from 39 to 72 micrograms. One-ounce portions of Pringles potato crisps contained about 25 micrograms. At 72 micrograms in a six-ounce serving, McDonald's French fries measured the highest. Among the other findings:
Acrylamide in Foods: Micrograms per Serving
Water, 8 oz., EPA limit 0.12
Boiled Potatoes, 4 oz. 3
Old El Paso Taco Shells, 3, 1.1oz. 1
Ore Ida French Fries (from package), 3 oz. 5
Ore Ida French Fries (baked), 3 oz. 28
Honey Nut Cheerios, 1 oz. 6
Cheerios, 1 oz. 7
Tostitos Tortilla Chips, 1 oz. 3
Fritos Corn Chips, 1 oz. 11
Pringles Potato Crisps, 1 oz. 25
Wendy's French Fries, Biggie, 5.5 oz. 39
KFC Potato Wedges, Jumbo, 6.2 oz. (est.) 52
Burger King French Fries, large, 5.5 oz. 57
McDonald's French Fries, large, 6 oz. 72
The amount of acrylamide in a large order of French fries is at least 300 times more than what the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency allows in a glass of water. Acrylamide is sometimes used in water-treatment facilities.
"I estimate that acrylamide causes several thousand cancers per year in Americans," said Clark University research Professor Dale Hattis. Hattis, an expert in risk analysis, based his estimate on standard EPA projections of risks from animal studies and limited sampling of acrylamide levels in Swedish and American foods.
Acrylamide forms as a result of unknown chemical reactions during high-temperature baking or frying. The fact that raw or even boiled potatoes test negative for the chemical proves this. CSPI has urged the FDA to inform the public of the risks from acrylamide in different foods and to work with industry and academia to help understand how exactly how acrylamide is formed and how to prevent its formation.
The cooking and re-cooking of fried foods in the same fry pan or broiler has long been considered suspect by scientists. Even the thoroughly washed iron skillet can continue to contain submerged carcinogens collected from previous use, according to many nutritionists and dieticians. But the biggest offender is the restaurant that uses the same rancid cooking oil for days or even weeks on end - even reusing it after washing the pot.
Speaking of Dieticians
Recently I had the dreadful experience of visiting with several employees at a cancer clinic. The occasion was instigated by the need of a loved one who is suffering from colon cancer and was seeking counsel from an oncologist. I have heard for several years that "sugar feeds cancer," and that any cancer patient should avoid all sugars, including those natural ones derived from fruits, etc. But when I mentioned this to the high-horse oncologist, he said, "That is absolutely not true!" And during the course of our conversation, he repeated it twice more. "That is absolutely not true!" This remark had been provoked by my question challenging his recommendation that the patient drink sugar-laden liquids such as soft drinks and milk shakes and eat ice cream in order to regain previously lost weight.
He offered no documented evidence or research source for me to check, and even the literature discovered downstairs in the lobby and published by his own clinic disputed his deranged advice.
Then I met the dietician. A charming lady with a magnetic personality and about thirty extra pounds. She sipped a Diet Coke as she counseled her herd of suckers. When I asked if she knew about the evils of Aspartame, she replied that she did. So when I said, "Then why do you continue to drink that?" she said, "Oh, I don't drink it often." I presumed that this advisor of healthy intake must believe that a little bit of poison is okay for human consumption.
Nutritionists, who have nothing to gain by our being ill, have no fear of telling us the truth. Sugar kills! Removal of sugar from diets has cured symptoms of crippling and worldwide diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Many children with unrestricted sugar consumption have become hyperactive and slow learners.
The body's natural immune system seems to effectively counter the occasional fruits and/or desserts, but the between-meal overdosing via soft drinks, candy bars, milk shakes, and ice cream eventuates in disease. Sugar ingested every day produces a continual over-acid condition, and more and more minerals are required from deep within the body in an attempt to rectify the imbalance. In order to protect the blood, the system will extract calcium from the teeth and bones, eventually causing decay and a generally weakened condition.
As for the Aspartame,
The advice from the nutritionists is Run! Diet drinks are a hoax. The Aspartame therein actually provokes a craving for carbohydrates which then cause one to gain weight not lose it. 50% of Aspartame is made up of Phenylalanine. In addition to the carbohydrate craving, it produces mood swings, insomnia, aberrant behavior, depression and PMS.
The other half is made up of Aspartic Acid (40%), which caused genetic damage and holes in the brains of laboratory animals, and Methanol (10%). This latter poison is methyl (wood) alcohol and causes leg cramps, back pain, severe headaches, abdominal pain, impaired speech, fainting, visual loss, shortness of breath and mental confusion.
The FDA approved this drug by calling it a "food additive," thereby making it exempt from safety monitoring. The medical establishment has become a major threat to health in the United States and the world.
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, a professor of medicine at the University of Illinois, wrote in his book, Confessions of a Medical Heretic, that even the highly touted antibiotics were a waste of time and money.
"Penicillin and other antibiotics do not shorten the course of the disease, do not prevent complications, and do not reduce the number of pathogenic organisms in the nose and throat. They do no good at all."
Few people are aware that antibiotics, like the various sugars, actually weaken the immune system by reducing the phagocytosis efficiency (PE) in the human body. PE is the immune function of white blood cells destroying pathogens.
The ingestion of two teaspoons of sucrose reduces the phagocytosis efficiency by 30%.
After ingestion of sugared coffee and one donut, PE is reduced by 50%.

A serving of Cherry pie and a scoop of ice cream reduces the PE by 70%.

And after 10 days on antibiotics, PE is reduced 80%.
The message in all this is don't depend on some other fool to be responsible for your own well being. If you believe that a doctor is interested in your health, because he has studied Medicine and you haven't, then you have forgotten two very important underlying factors: 1] neither the doctor nor the pharmacist nor the hospital makes any money after you get well or by your remaining healthy; and 2] the "wonder drugs" invented in the past century and endorsed by the AMA and pharmaceutical industry are the alternative plan.